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POE (Power Over Ethernet) Primer

Power Over Ethernet, commonly abbreviated to ‘POE’, is very common in modern computing environments due to it’s ease of use and flexibility, and even if you aren’t aware of it, you have probably used it.  This short article will explain what Power Over Ethernet is and it’s different flavours. Read More

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Mac Backup Apps in 2018? Part One

Nowadays, the average Mac user is reasonably tech savvy. They use their tech daily and are pretty comfortable with MacOS and iOS. Generally, the average user has multiple Apple devices and they use Google Apps, Dropbox, Adobe CC and web apps such as Shopify and WordPress, home automation tools such as Amazon Echo and Sonos, the list goes on… Read More

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How to set the default boot partition with ESXi on a Mac

After I started testing with ESXi 5.5 (read first post here), I couldn’t get my test Mac Pro to boot from the USB key as the ESXi OS wasn’t being seen in System Preferences -> Startup Disk.  The easiest way to do this is to boot into the Mac boot loader, but how do you have this setting stick after a reboot?!  Well, look no further! Read More